Working at PGS


If someone is looking out to make a significant impact to his career and overall growth, PGS is the right place. PGS does not look employees as “People factory” but we are on a constant lookout for assets who want to grow in value over time. Learning is an everyday affair at PGS and what one can draw satisfaction from is application of those learnings. We nurture our employees to achieve their fullest by providing independence, right environment and guidance.

PGSL is a people-oriented company which provides every employee with ample opportunities to grow as professionals, domain experts & leaders. Open work environment, state-of-the-art infrastructure, transparency, constant training for technical and soft skills, competitive opportunities to test employees' creative skills and much more, display PGSL’s vibrant work culture. PGSL is a place where we're free to discover new avenues and are encouraged for out of box thinking.