Our People

We, at Pacific firmly believe that people are the core of our business. Being in a people-intensive business we understand that if we can’t get right with people we can’t get right with anything else. Hence, we place a lot of emphasis on hiring the right set of people who are committed to work and grow in a professional environment. We also have plans for individual growth of the employee to turn them into better professionals. This, we believe results in a greater amount of loyalty towards our organization and helps keep retention at a low level.

Below are some of the aspects we have worked on to ensure right hiring, appropriate skill set matching, higher employee satisfaction & productivity and higher retention rate.

Hiring Process


The vision we have in place is to be a dependable outsourced partner. And we live by it. When you have you PGS as your partner, you can be rest assured of all operational issues. We have tried to convert all our activities as a mechanism which can be measurably found to be dependable. It may be measurement of critical to quality (CTQ) factors such as accuracy, response time, turnaround time, etc. or deployment of robust IT security norms or even a simple task of sending the right invoice to the customer every month. Everything is monitored and measured to ensure customers can depend on us and have faith in our actions.


We have set internal benchmarks regarding educational qualifications and professional experience for all the roles and have communicated them to our consultants to ensure we interview better and refined candidates. Given below are some of the sample benchmarks for hiring positions in an accounting process

  • Manager

    A chartered accountant (India) with 5-6 years of post qualification experience out of which a minimum of 2 years should be in a supervisory role. We prefer candidates with experience in BPO (Business process outsourcing) which reduces the learning curve significantly.

  • Team lead/ reviewer

    A chartered accountant/ semi-qualified accountant with 3-4 years of experience, preferably in a BPO environment.

  • Staff accountant

    A commerce/ accounting graduate with 1-3 years of experience working in an accounting department or with a Chartered Accountant firm.

Educational Programs & Development

We believe in continuous intellectual and professional growth of our employees. As a part of the performance review we identify areas of improvement for each individual and arrange for training programs/ classes to help the employee improve upon their skill sets. Some of the common training programs are training on MS Office, accounting standards, presentation skills, etc.

Performance Review

We believe in an objective and transparent way of assessing, evaluating and promoting an employee. To help us achieve this we have implemented a performance review mechanism which includes setting up of KROs (key result objectives) for each employee and comparison of the actual performance with the KROs at set intervals. The KROs are based on the prime objective of the role the employee performs and are mostly around turnaround time and accuracy rates for most back office processes.

Feedbacks / Team Meetings

We are advocates of an open work environment and have introduced weekly team meetings/ feedback sessions for all our operations. This setup helps motivate the employees and come up with suggestions for overall process improvement and efficiency.